“Trusting in God…Why I trust” by Tanya Nemley

So true. God will NEVER leave us or forsake us! This is a great read and I highly recommend reading blogs from Mrs. Nemley. She says it how it is and I love that!

God Speaks I Listen

trust in God

In the past few years I have been trusting God like never before. I asked myself what is the difference in my renewal of mind?

1. A few years ago my husband taught a lesson at a bible study on how satan was jealous of us because God was going to create us humans and we’re going to get a chance to be redeemed by accepting the sacrifice of Gods only Son. We we’re going to be adopted by God and become His child. This couldn’t happen to an angel. God put a lot into creating us and redeeming us. I figured out that I am soooo wanted by God. I’m special to Him. We all are!!!

2. I have figured out that God loves me soooo much!!! I understand His extreme and special love for me. (It’s so important to figure this out because when you get it His…

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